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2006/03/28 02:26 2006/03/28 02:26
[##_1C|1019149499.jpg|width="350" height="263" alt=""|_##]

우리 첫째 강아지 콩이.
이젠 점점 늙어가서 이빨도 빠지고 점점 늙어서 내는 신경질을 내고
다른 강아지 장비에게 질투를 내고
둘이 서로 조바심 내며 살고.

가슴이 아프다.
너무 귀여운 우리 콩이.
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Commented by Bamboo Bathroom Accessories at 2023/05/28 16:30  r x
8 Μust-Havеs foг a Weⅼl-Stocked Bar Cart Оf all the decor
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Commented by backlink GSA at 2023/05/31 22:25  r x
The desktop version of the BBC News website has been switched off,
and all guests are now being directed to a newer, responsive
design. The new site adapts its format relying
on what sort of machine it is being used on, be it a desktop Pc,
pill or cell. The BBC said the move mirrored the change in how
the majority of holiday makers were consuming their news.
However, some users mentioned the design felt "empty"
and "too shiny". Desktop visitors to the BBC News site have been prompted to try out the brand
new responsive design for the previous few weeks - however now the desktop-solely
site has been switched off for good. Users are being automatically taken to the brand new-look site.
Robin Pembrooke, the BBC's head of product for the News and Weather sites.
The new layout gives greater precedence to video content in addition to analytical articles by BBC reporters.
Mr Pembrooke mentioned that while the like-for-like operating prices of the BBC News website will likely be lower, the quantity the company spends on online is not going to be lowered.

A publish on the BBC Internet Blog offers more detail on the adjustments and invites suggestions
from the general public. Initial reactions to the brand new design had been combined.
Common among the many complaints was that the site is just too bright.
Mr Pembrooke stated Monday's launch was a starting point.
Having gone by means of a number of big redesigns on the BBC, Guardian and the Mirror over the years I have a mental checklist of the feedback I'm anticipating to
get each time: "If it ain't broke do not fix it", "It seems to be like something Fisher-Price built",
"Did you let the work expertise kid design this".
A site will judge whether or not a redesign has been a
success on metrics like speed, availability, value of maintaining code,
ease of making modifications and naturally audience progress.
The final relaunch was very much a giant bang, multi
functional go. We created a promotional banner to bring it to individuals's attention on desktop to
say take a look - with the aim of inviting individuals to see what we had been engaged on.
Commented by Wordpress at 2023/06/01 02:38  r x
Over the past decаde, site development and ɑdministration haѕ fulⅼy altered.
From builⅾing static, HTML dependent web sites
we have moved to builԀing gigantic database pushed web-sites.

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2006/03/28 02:21 2006/03/28 02:21
[##_1C|1366607104.jpg|width="400" height="400" alt=""|_##]
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Waves. Painter 9
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2006/03/27 14:17 2006/03/27 14:17
다시 시작.
[##_1C|1022168048.jpg|width="580" height="414" alt="시작"|_##]
click 하면 커져요.

Cafe Evolution, 다시 왔습니다.
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Commented by 비밀방문자 at 2006/05/11 11:37  r x
관리자만 볼 수 있는 댓글입니다.
Commented by 김연준 at 2006/08/22 17:50  r x
정식아,나다...부대로 전화 좀 해라..
063-471-3211 로 전화해서 김연준 병장 바꿔 달라 하면 돼..

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